The fine line between sanity and insanity becomes ever so clearer as time passes and decisions become harder and less about me but about the happiness and safety of my family. I have found that motherhood if not handled with care can turn into a real identity crisis. Who am I in the world these days? And why aren’t my wants and likes a priority? Isn’t a happy mom a better mom? Then again, isn’t that the selfish and easy way out of the responsibility I accepted when I gave birth to my child? As a working mother, running my own business, I find myself caught in this ever so narrow space between the sane and the insane. In my rants i discuss the reasons, the scenarios, and reflect a bit on the crazy thoughts that run through my mind.

Existential Bummer

Many thanks to my friend Clarissa! This is exactly how I feel.

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I thought my son would be a professional rubber necker, but….

While driving in the car with my son, I had to give way to an ambulance that was headed just a couple of blocks ahead of where we were. There had been an accident. No one was hurt, but I was able to infer that a cyclist had been hit by a car; a Jeep Liberty to be precise. As we drove past the accident my son stated that he, and i quote, LOVES seeing accidents. I needed to understand why, and so I asked. His explanation made sense, he said the accidents made him ask questions and therefore he learned new things. He said he found it ‘interesting’. It was then and there that I said, oh no, he’ll be one of those. He’ll be the cause of so many episodes of road rage. He’ll make people late. He’ll be a professional rubber necker.

I needed some piece of mind. I asked if he wanted to work on an ambulance. I was promptly reminded that his desire to be an astronaut hasn’t changed, and that I shouldn’t worry about missing him because perhaps we’d be able to communicate while he’s on a mission to the moon. He said that, maybe, I could track him on my computer the same way we track Santa. At the very least, I should be excited to hear everything he would have to tell me about the journey and the moon when he returns.

My son is a dreamer. My son feels that he can be whatever he wants to be. My son is confident and persistent. My son will achieve anything he sets his mind on. So what if he causes a bit of traffic? Today, I am a happy momma.

“Buses remind me of my grandmother and the scent of Miami Beach”

first lost tooth. a day after my 37th birthday, three weeks short if his 7th. #november #family #kids