Prioritizing: another fine line?

For 2 years i dedicated every hour of the day to my son. Sometimes happily and other times reminiscing about those days when i didn’t have him and i lived the life of a young working woman in NYC.

I am working again now (this time in Miami Beach). In fact, I am the boss. and i love it. My son is in school (or camp) every day until 3 or 4 and i have the whole morning for work. you’d think I’m all set. I’m not.

Someone still needs to tend to the house, make dinner, go grocery shopping, make doctor appointments, organize the family calendar, make plans for the weekend, plan the annual vacation, call the accountant, etc. furthermore, I am also the administrator of my husband’s business. So, you can imagine that when baby comes home i am still not ready to sit on the floor an play.

Here’s the dilemma: when it comes to prioritizing, what or whom comes first? The kid who has no understanding of the situation (nor should he)? Our home? My spouse? My clients? I can find good reasons for making each of these my priority.

Of course we can argue that nothing should come before my family. My son and my husband should come first, always. In theory, they do. the reality is that when faced with a deadline my clients come first. Or if an IRS notice came in the mail the phone call to the accountant comes first. these things are what keep the wheels turning.

I hear my son asking me to play with him and before I am able to get up to grant him his wish, my brain makes my mouth blurt out a quick “in a minute” or “let me finish this first” and then, of course, I torture myself with self inflicted guilt.

Over and over again I come back to the same conclusion: balance! I think one of the hardest lessons to learn. How do you find balance? How do you decide what to do first? How do you tend to one area of your life without neglecting another? Prioritizing? We’re back to square one. Start reading again.

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