It must be me

When i decided to write this post last night i had, what i thought, was a very well thought out plan. I had made a conscious decision to tell you all about the trouble i’ve been having for the last couple of days (and I still will), but then the time to refresh my RSS feeds arrived and voila! There it was; another blog entry from my good friend. After reading his words, and having a good laugh as a result of self-recognition, i decided to talk about what he said as well.

So let me start by addressing my troubles. You see, yesterday i got home and felt a horrible scent in our apt. My first thought? The kitty litter, but that wasn’t it. My husband is quite diligent in keeping it clean and odorless. Second idea i had was the garbage; maybe we had forgotten to take it out after tossing a bunch of dirty diapers in there. Again no. Then of course i proceeded to chase my 3 year old son so that he would let me take a sniff at his butt. I caught him, he let me smell, he was clean. This was driving me crazy, it was making me sick to my stomach, and it left me thinking of the only other option. Seriously, what else could it be?

I approached my husband at about 11 PM and told him i’m jumping in the shower. He started laughing. He knew about my troubles and couldn’t believe my assumptions. Had the ethnic food from dinner the night before be doing something to me? Had my nostrils been attacked by an airborne fungus? Was insanity finally catching up to me and it was all in my head?

Today i got my answer to the last question: I’m not crazy yet. My husband has been smelling something as well and has been moving furniture and searching for the culprit. If anything new develops i will keep you posted.

In the mean time, let me discuss the latest post from Today he was describing how his lust for new technological gadgets has diffused in the last year or two. He explains how he has finally achieved, what i describe as nirvana. For people that are totally OCD and must have everything in their lives in-sync converting your IBM brain into an Apple brain seems logical, and most definitely the way to go. So as he enjoys the fruits of his bliss and shares with the world the logic he’s used behind his decisions he mentions a friend who owns, almost, every iPod ever made. He discussed and questioned whether said friend will ever achieve such technology-lust-diffusion and satisfy the needs of her OCD self.

Augusto: the answer is yes! it took me all of 45 seconds to realize who you are talking about. And THAT is the reason for mixing the content of this post: IT MUST BE ME!

I will indeed be very curious about any new gadget that Apple (or anyone lese for that matter) comes out with. I am, in fact, very anxious to see and feel the iPad. However, the craving and desire to obtain these things has been put at rest (at least for the time being). I’ve achieved nirvana. The MacBook/iPhone combo has changed my life. I am one happy, geeky, and seemingly stinky woman!

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