I don’t want windows, I want trees

While sitting in our outdoor “office” Nathan sat by our side. Nathan is a kid from NY who, we’ve run into more than twice. He sat here today to tell he is leaving Miami (even though last week he said he had decided to stay). My first thought was that something must have happened. I can’t quite understand why people would change their mind “just like that”. Nathan explained that nothing very specific had happened. he went on to tell us how he had had a couple of dreams and God appearances that led him to decide, once again, that he must head for the trees. My non-judgmental self what even more curious about this. I found myself needing to understand what exactly was going on. His answer? “I can’t be around these windows, I need to go back to nature”.

This got me thinking. nature and basic needs is all that we need; our children, our health, and earth’s beauty. So why is it that we all engage in the rat race for wealth and possessions? I don’t necessarily share Nathan’s view of life (he seems troubled and confused) but he makes a good point.

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