Maximizing by minimizing

On the Mind Like Monkey blog ( where my friend Augusto writes (in collaboration with other authors) he discussed the benefits and the reasons of how a more minimalist approach to his life has allowed him to realized that minimizing is not a synonym of lacking. On the contrary, minimizing has allowed him to enjoy his hobbies, his family, and a more productive workflow.

Here is my response:
This is a great post my friend. I am reminded of my own struggles and worries. A minimalist approach is key, and not only when we talk about technology. you see, it all depends on who you talk to, but the conclusion is the same: less is more!

Metaphorically speaking, it’s like discovering new windows in your own home. All of a sudden each room seems to have more light, breeze currents are more obvious, and the ability to see what’s outside becomes tremendous. For many, like I said, it’s like a new discovery. when you rid yourself of too much (of anything) you free your mind.

For people who haven’t spent their lives chasing new technologies, switching their MO, moving towards the more “techie” lifestyle can be overwhelming and may not feel at all like like a simplification (until they realize that they can rid themselves of wires, and carrying the 10 lbs Filofax folder around).

Noticing those windows and enjoying their purpose is a struggle, i believe, many have. Feeding your brain and your spirit will give you a richer life. Worrying about the small stuff and adding new ways to worry about them can only lead to a “i have no time” lifestyle and/or INSANITY!

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