Yep, that’s right, this time it’s gmail driving me crazy. My inability to have the perfect email management system and configuration is throwing me straight into a tidal wave of bitchiness.

In a perfect world this is what i would like:

1. Gmail to handle my personal mail as well as a work email i am receiving via POP3, including the ability to reply to each account from it’s own address. (I want this to work from on my mac)

2. Delete those messages i want gone and archive those i want to keep.

3. When flagging a message in i want gmail to translate it to a star (this is how I keep track of things I need to reply to).

4. Finally, i want all email that is flagged to be moved to an action folder on my mac.

I have 3 email accounts: gmail, pop3, and gmail apps. I want them all to work the same. I want to access my action folder and my archive folder from my iphone and my ipad.

This all may seem a bit too OCD for some but it’s been my mission to get it to work. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours i’ve spent trying to get this to work smoothly and to my liking. I need help, and i need it now. Anyone???

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