Fewer things are more frustrating than Apple ID rules and iCloud

I never really thought i would be so negatively impacted by anything related to Apple. I love all my devices, and I own a few; however, Apple IDs, aliases, iCloud, etc. are the most annoying features. I realize that the idea is to have everything play nice together and give us the opoortunity toe have all are info replicated without flaw while we are on the move. The reality however is, that if you created your AppleID a bunch of years ago and you now deicde that you can no longer use idiot@me.com as your email address you need to create an alias, in which case you now have to make sure everytime you write an email from your apple mail client you need to make sure that the alias is the email address listed on the “From” section of the message header.

If you happen to be obsessively anal like me, and you don’t like having random email addresses listed and you just want to use the one, you may want to delete that alias and create a new Apple ID using that alias. But you can’t, because iCloud thinks that email address or Apple ID is already in use. So you breath in and decide to suck it up and re-add the alias to your original Apple ID, but you can’t. You must wait 7 days before you are able to create any new aliases. two months go by and you still can’t add an alias beacuse you “recently” deleted one; but you haven’t, it’s been over 2 months.

So you contact iCloud support and they have no clue how to help you. Every time they suggest a solution it ends up limiting your options for a new Apple ID even further. at the moment i am stuck with going back to gmail or creating a brand new “identity” for myself. But, i don’t want to. I am CKFio and I always will be. Why would they insist i chnage that? Wouldn’t it be easier and less aggravating for all parties involved to just allow for the merge of Apple IDs or the ability to delete one, etc.? I realize the implications of data integrity audits, etc. But you can modify old records to liberate the originals and alow users a bit more flexibility.

I welcome any comments or suggestions. I am beside myself with frustration and would LOVE a solution.

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