Facebook Page Launch

I started writing this blog a while back. I began posting old essays that I wrote during very specific emotional times in my life. I then proceeded  to share a bit about my life as a mother, my encounters with technology, and finally I transitioned to posting snapshots of significant and interesting moments. Slowly, but surely, I abandoned the blog. I took on a full-time job, and found myself with little time for anything other than sleep.

Those of you who know me, and or, have read my posts in the past know that I struggle with discipline when it comes to creating routines for myself and accomplishing things that are of interest and not a necessity. This behavior creates tremendous amounts of frustration and sends me straight into a whirlwind of crazy thoughts and guilty feelings….

So, today I launch my blog’s Facebook Page allowing all of you to hold me accountable. I will continue to write about the randomness that is my life. I no longer have the excuse of a full-time job and the desire to write just for the hell of it still burns.

I invite you to check out the blog at http://www.sanityafineline.com and browse through some of the old posts. Moving forward you will be able to read my rants straight form this page.

A special thanks to @threz_ for my “logo”, to @apinaud for the encouragement, and to @OJandCigs for the inspiration.


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