I have now completed 44 trips around the sun. The first few were sweetly dependent on my parents and what was going on with them. 

I grew up in a South American country, speaking both English and Spanish. 

I moved there at barely 5 and completely confused.  My word for “moon” was “moona” (moon + luna = moona)

Today, I am 44 years old. I live in Chapel Hill, NC. This is where I was born. 

I’ve been living here, this time around, since 2016. I moved here with my husband and my son 

I still have a husband. I have not lived with him in 2+ years. Our son is now 14 (will be next week). 

This is not what I planned. I am sure this is not what Chris planned. It’s our reality. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself, about mental health, parenting, and truth. 

At 44, I’ve also learned about individuality, honesty, and fearlessness. Especially  when it comes to accepting myself regardless of others expectations or ideals. 

I am a smart being. I am a compassionate being. I am a sexual being. And, I am a woman. I am also grateful. 

I have rebellious thoughts. I have strict rules. I have fantastical ideals of love. And I get reality. 

Surprisingly enough, more people than not, LOVE this about me. 

One would think that this is the answer to it all. 

It’s not. 

Not really sure what is. 

Adulting is knowing how to navigate it all. I can. I have. 

I don’t like it. 

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