My failed attempt at Arroz con Pollo

If you listen closely you can hear my husband complementing what seems to be an awesome pot of Arroz con Pollo. Little did he know that I was a little too adventurous and over zealous with my cooking and ruined 2 lbs of chicken thighs. But the expectation was set. Yikes!

For those of you that don’t know, Arroz con Pollo, is a traditional Latin American rice and chicken dish. And although seemingly simple to make, you have to get the right rice consistency and the spices/condiments have to be spot on. I over did it. I decided to go on one of my recipe hunting adventures on the internet and strayed from the traditional recipe. The overwhelming flavor (and aroma) of cumin turned everyone off. I was disappointed but completely agreed. It seemed more like an Indian cuisines dish than what we were all looking forward to experiencing.

This got me thinking about how we tend to overdo things in an attempt to impress our audience; to make sure the fruits of our labor result in a memorable experience. Why?

Everyone’s relationship to their audience is different.We must be mindful of what we are trying to accomplish and what is the exact message we are trying to communicate. Trying too hard will make us miss the mark and fog our opportunity to affect change and the way we/our services/our products/our food are perceived.

It’s about connection and relationships, if we over do it by over posting on social media, being too rigid in our views, or over seasoning our food, we run the risk of damaging those relationships. In my Arroz con Pollo example, I might have ruined the chances of my family ever wanting me to make it again. I ruined the relationship between them and a delicious dish I grew up with.

Listening to the feedback is of utmost importance. Doing it right always wins over doing more.