It wasn’t until the third time we went to the movie theater to watch this movie that i started thinking of the negative effects that these types of animations have on our children.

It’s very hard to raise children in a society that builds so much importance into the material things that surround us. Imagine what happens when you give life to some of these things. many parents that saw the movie commented on the “tear-jerking” effect it had on them. The film hit close to home with those parents with close-to-college-aged children. I never thought of if from that perspective. sure, the thought of my 3 year old growing up and leaving home, while I put away his childhood possessions is nerve-wracking but definitely better than the alternative. I get that feeling now, when i go through his clothes and realize that he’s already grown out of things we got 3 months ago.

Nevertheless, the personification of the toys is what had the most impact on me. I understand that the toys and their adventures are the premise to the story. I realize this is a third of a series. and i do appreciate the imagination behind it and the interpretation of a child’s psyche. However, i am still bothered by it. How can i teach my son that losing a toy isn’t the end of the world and that his “buddy” isn’t feeling sad and lost?

How do i explain to him, that yes, we should take care of our things and appreciate what we have, but we should remember that we grow fond of some of these things for the memories they bring. things are NOT like people.

Am i reading too much into this?


After 3 years of being a full-time stay-at-home mom i am excited and petrified to announce that the time to re-enter the workforce has arrived.  I can’t quite describe how I’m feeling about it all. It’s something like a very calming nausea, if that makes any sense. I am looking forward to having something other than my home life to think about; having my days filled with mind-challenging tasks (not that figuring out dinner every night isn’t). this doesn’t mean, however, that i don’t feel a bit nostalgic about the dirty-diaper duty i’m leaving behind and the lazy lunches I had with my husband almost every day.

My juggling abilities will be put to the test. when I get hired, because I will, managing a tight schedule will be the hardest thing. Figuring out what to do with my baby boy when he’s off from school and mami and Papi are working is what I fear the most. After 3 years of having us both so close, will our son get used to spending entire days without us? Will his rebellious little self come shining through? We’ll see. I’ll make sure to report back as soon as i find out. Until then, wish me luck.