Sparrow to the rescue! i’m in love with this gmail client for mac. I have parted ways with and am in heaven.
It’s a minimalist application, it’s clean, uncluttered, and most importantly works incredibly well with gmail. It even supports aliases. I can’t begin to explain how excited i am. I all of sudden feel like i will have hours to spare. My quest is over. I am free!!!!!
Here is a short description:

Beta Beat: Sparrow Gmail client for Mac

Sparrow is a free Gmail client for your Mac that was released yesterday and is still in beta. Unlike MailPlane, which largely simulates the Gmail experience plus some powerful additions, the Sparrow client is designed to be minimalist.

As John Gruber (Daring Fireballpoints out, the design for this Gmail client seems to be inspired by Tweetie for Mac. The developers Dinh Viêt Hoà and Dominique Leca ignore the traditional email client stereotype and aim for simplicity in a way that is rather inspired. Sparrow has “just your mail, and nothing else.”

Sparrow currently supports message threading as well as using multiple accounts. In the future, you will be able to use other IMAP email accounts (such as MobileMe) as well as gain the ability to use Gmail labels. It is free and available now, so check out the beta and let us know your thoughts.”


Considering that most companies these days try to bore you, or confuse you, to death with their automated response systems, twitter has come to me as a savior. In the last year i have made it a point to seek help, if and when needed, from twitter accounts that represent the companies i’m dealing with. The result has been phenomenal. For an impatient, easy to frustrate woman i’ve found the customer service i’ve received via twitter to be the best.

It’s true that not all companies have a twitter presence, but those that do are gaining points by improving on a service that, in my opinion, has been going down the drain in the last decade. And it’s all so easy, i’m on my computer, iPad, or iPhone all day long, i monitor my twitter account all the time, so what’s the big deal in just writing a quick note with my question or concern? Because i’ve followed that train of thought i have managed to exchange a pair of jeans from @hudsonjeans, got answers from the guys @sonos, cleared a mistake on my @paypal acct, had a quickbooks for mac problem solved by @quickbooksmac, and i resolved a fraud incident via @bofa_help. These are jus a few examples and let me tell ya, every single one of them saved me a ton of aggravation and much needed time.


After 3 years of being a full-time stay-at-home mom i am excited and petrified to announce that the time to re-enter the workforce has arrived.  I can’t quite describe how I’m feeling about it all. It’s something like a very calming nausea, if that makes any sense. I am looking forward to having something other than my home life to think about; having my days filled with mind-challenging tasks (not that figuring out dinner every night isn’t). this doesn’t mean, however, that i don’t feel a bit nostalgic about the dirty-diaper duty i’m leaving behind and the lazy lunches I had with my husband almost every day.

My juggling abilities will be put to the test. when I get hired, because I will, managing a tight schedule will be the hardest thing. Figuring out what to do with my baby boy when he’s off from school and mami and Papi are working is what I fear the most. After 3 years of having us both so close, will our son get used to spending entire days without us? Will his rebellious little self come shining through? We’ll see. I’ll make sure to report back as soon as i find out. Until then, wish me luck.