This post is in response to my good friend Augusto Pinaud’s last blog entry. He discusses how doing very good work keeps us “in the pile”. It makes us just another guy. My comments:

Such a great point, yet such a hard thing to accomplish. It’s easy, i know, to blame our busy lives for our lack of extraordinary performance. Hiding behing the very good work we do, both in our professional and personal lives, allows us to continue on with the assurance that we are doing very good work.

This discussion reminds me of a conversation we had when we talked about the fear of success. I think this applies. I think that fear in general (for failure or success) is what makes us mediocre, average, and keeps un in the pile.

Making a conscious decision to stop the good work and do something extraordinary raises questions that awaken those fears: for example, will this extraordinary thing i’m going to be extraordinary to me or will be recognized as such by the world? How do we measure what’s extraordinary and what’s very good if it not based on others’ opinion?

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